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Why no "twitter" or "FaceBook" 
profile for WrennLaw.Com?  I 
dislike data-mining/social-media 
sites and don't want to waste 
time using them, updating them, 
monitoring them, etc.  It's not that
I don't understand the technology; 
it's that I do understand it (as made
clear in my Continuing Legal 
Education seminars on the internet,
digital-age ethics, electronic
discovery, privacy, waivers, etc.)

James R. Wrenn, Jr.   Attorney At Law      

14210 Michaux View Way, Midlothian, Virginia 23113
Voice:  804-378-2037  Fax/Data: 804-379-7163

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Fields of Interest:

Legal Ethics; Judicial Ethics; Trade-Name/Domain-Names Issues (on Copyright/Trademark issues, I associate a Copyright/Trademark specialist); Internet law; Expert-Opinion Evidence; Scientific Evidence; Expert Witnesses; Discovery; Expert-Witness Work-Product; Attorney Work-Product; Electronic Discovery; Daubert Standards.

Science, Technology, Human Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence & Liberty.

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Biography/Curriculum Vitae:  Go here.

Continuing Legal Educations courses taught by James R. Wrenn, Jr.

Illustrative list of topics of CLE courses authored and/or taught by Wrenn (including past courses):

50 Shades of Ethics (A Stimulating Seminar on How Disciplinary Authorities Deal with "Sex, Lawyers and Vitae") (2016)

Electronic Ethics (How Lawyers' Inattention to Digital-Age Terms of Use re Privacy Jeopardizes Attorney-Client Privilege & Attorney Work-Product Privilege) (2016)

Climate Laws & Laws of Climate 

Da Vinci Code of Scientific Evidence

Discovery issues involving Expert Witnesses, Expert-Witness Work-Product, Consulting-Expert Work-Product, Attorney Work-Product 

Expert-Opinion Evidence under the Daubert standards

Electronic Discovery issues

Immigration Law -- Public-Policy & Politics

Intellectual Property -- Free-Speech/Fair-Use Issues

Internet-- law, sources, resources, structure, etc.

Legal Ethics;

Scientific Evidence under the Federal Rules of Evidence (Daubert standards);

Artificial Intelligence (and related subjects) & their relationship to Legal Ethics

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